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IDEC CPU Modules

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Choose between our wide range of all-in-one type or slim type CPU Modules. The all-in-one type can have a maximum of 4 expansion modules and I/O of 88 points, while the slim type can have a maximum of 7 expansion modules and I/O of 24 points.

Key Commercial Data


Key Commercial Data/ Model No FC4A-C10R2 FC4A-D20RS1 FC4A-D40S3 FC5A-C10R2 FC5A-C10R2C FC5A-D32K3
ROHS Status Compliant
Degree of Protection IP20
I/O Points 10 points (6/4) 20 points (12/8) 40 points (24/16) 10 points (6/4) 32 points (16/16)
Maximum I/O Points 10 points 244 points 264 points 10 points 512points (when expansion module is used)
Program Capacity 4.8 KB 31.2KB 13.8KB 62.4KB
Processing Speed Basic instruction: 1μs Advanced instruction: 46μs Basic instruction: LOD 0.7μs Advanced instruction: MOV 33μs Basic instruction: LOD 0.0056μs Advanced instruction: MOV 0.167~0.278μs
Back-up Duration Approx. 30 days (typical) at 25°C after backup battery fully charged
Memory Cartridge EEPROM (option)
Clock Function Clock cartridge (option)

Spec Sheet 


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** Warranty of 12 months starting from delivery date will be applicable only to manufacturer defects which will be repaired/replaced** 

Additional Information

IDEC CPU Modules

FC4A-C10R2, FC4A-D20RS1, FC4A-D40S3, FC5A-C10R2, FC5A-C10R2C, FC5A-D32K3

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