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Hitachi SJ-P1

Easy Access l High Performance l Versatile

At the point where ease of use meets high performance. SJ series P1, setting the new global standard.

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Easy access to all the functionality

A high performance drive for the most demanding of applications: variety of motor (induction motor/ permanent magnet motor) can be adjustable to drive.

Versatility through multi mode operation, to meet your specific application needs

Hitachi’s ProDriveNect software

Easily customizable (EzSQ & EzCOM)

Frequency accuracy

For the highest frequency, digital ±0.01%, analogue ±0.2% (25±10℃)

Frequency resolution

Digital: 0.01Hz, Analogue: Max. frequency / 4000 (Ai1 terminal / Ai2 terminal: 12bit / 0 to +10V or 0 to +20mA, Ai3 terminal: 12bit / -10 to +10V)

Ambient temperature

10 to 50℃ (ND), -10 to 45℃ (LD), -10 to 40℃ (VLD)

Multi-Purpose Inverter

Corresponds to variety of applications: Crane, Winder & re-winder, Machine tools, Injection molding, Conveyors, Textile, Fan & Pump


Spec Sheet 


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**No Cancellation of Purchase Order Upon Acknowledgement**

** Delivery surcharge of $30 will be applicable if order is below $250 (BEFORE GST)** 

** Warranty of 12 months starting from delivery date will be applicable only to manufacturer defects which will be repaired/replaced** 

Additional Information


400V 22.0kW, 400V 18.5kW, 400V 15.0kW, 400V 11.0kW, 400V 7.50kW, 400V 5.50kW, 400V 3.70kW, 400V 2.20kW, 400V 1.50kW, 400V 0.75kW, 400V 0.40kW

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