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Phoenix Contact, founded over 80 years ago, is a leading manufacturer of electric connection and industrial automation technology.

With their innovative six product portfolio, Phoenix Contact offers a broad spectrum of industrial electro-technology products and solutions that can be found in all sectors of industry.

D'Mark Technologies has been appointed as their Authorized Distributor (AD) for Phoenix Contact since 2006 for all product lines.

We are also indeed privileged to be appointed as their exclusive System Integrator Partner (SIP) in local region to provide solutions and support to Phoenix Contact's AUTOMATION product group.

Modular Terminal Blocks

Modular Terminal Blocks from Phoenix Contact offer a variety of connection technologies. From traditional screw connection, bolt connection, spring-cage, fast, and to the latest push-in connection technologies are available for any application based on your preference and needs. They are supported with functional accessories across all these connection technologies.

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Power Supply Units and UPS
Power supply unit and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) from Phoenix Contact is the ideal solution to maximum the availability of your systems and plants. These power supply units and UPS are the ideal solution for various different sectors and requirements. The innovative technology such as selective fuse breaking (SFB) technology and automatic current balancing (ACB) technology will ensure the maximum availability of your systems.

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Power and Sensor Connector
Power and sensor connector from Phoenix Contact introduced to meet the different requirements and needs of the plant and device manufacturer. The challenge of the connector are to reduce the production costs and time during the installation. To do so, Phoenix Contact had to design the cabling system with a comprehensive, innovative and yet universal range of products. Our product range includes cabling for data, signal, power, fiber and also sensor/actuator.

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PCB Connector
PCB Connector from Phoenix Contact offer a multiple connection technologies and tremendous product breadth of range. The connection technologies include solution for the data, signal and power.

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Surge Protective Device
Surge Protective Devices from Phoenix Contact offers the extensive solutions for high power and signal quality. The surge protective devices makes an important contribution to interference-free work processes in all sectors. From power line to data line, Phoenix Contact protect the most sensitive and critical applications of your systems. The combination of high-quality and innovative arrester technology ensure a high degree of protection to your most critical systems.

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Safety Relays
Safety Relays from Phoenix Contact are designed to meet every function of safety application for your needs. Whether it's an emergency stop, light grid or safety door, PSR safety relays from Phoenix Contact can implement all safety functions for application with one function; one device.

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Relays Module
Relays Module from Phoenix Contact offer you a complete range of DIN rail mounted relays for all your application. Whatever your application requires switching, isolating, monitoring, amplifying or multiplying, our relays will satisfy all your requirements. The slim 6.2mm terminal block style electromechanical and solid-state relays ensure the your system space to be fully utilized. The new RIFLINE complete relays with push-in technologies give you an easy handling and easy extension of special function module.

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Signal Conditional
Signal Conditional, the modular MCR converters from Phoenix Contact with MCR technology avoid the distortion of analog signals caused by external disturbance variables. With accurate conversion, isolation, filtering or adaptation of analog signals, they provide safe and increased transmission quality, and thus the quality of closed-loop control circuits.

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Signal Conditional (Ex)
MACX Analog Ex from Phoenix Contact offer a single and two-channel signal isolators for intrinsically safe circuits in the Ex area. The Phoenix Contact MACX Analog Ex ensure maximum system safety and explosion protection within a minimum amount of space. The design is significant space saving, with only 12.5mm for all single and two-channel 24-volt devices.

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Serial Interface Converter
Serial Interface Converter from Phoenix Contact ensure the reliability of your communication for your systems with the high performance data interfaces. The wide range of the Phoenix Contact products gives you the right solution depends on whatever medium your system required.

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Modern wireless technology from Phoenix Contact offers efficient and consistent communication for all industrial applications. The Wireless data communication from Phoenix Contact is a wining solution for both indoors and outdoors application, thanks to the reliable transmission, low maintenace and increased system availability.

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Monitoring Relays & Timer Relays
Monitoring relays and Timer relays from Phoenix Contact enable you to detact deviations in important system parameters at early stage and also ensure optimum time sequences for your systems.

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System cabling from Phoenix Contact offer you a quick and error-free way of wiring your automation devices. A safe way to connect your field level device to your controller. 

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Automation controller from Phoenix Contact offer you a scalable and cost-effective solution to meet your automation requirements. Phoenix Contact offer a wide range of PLCs to meet your different requirements of applications. We offer you a solution from the I/O technology up to the programming and visualization.

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