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Pulse Measuring Device

ImpulseCheck and ImpulseAnalytics provides a simple and comprehensive analysis of the system’s EMC. The accurate recording of electromagnetic interference on the supply lines makes it possible to draw conclusions as to their cause. As a result, possible disturbance variables are detected before they result in a system failure. Service and maintenance work can be scheduled in advance and implemented more efficiently. In addition to using ImpulseAnalytics, the data that is acquired and evaluated in the cloud can also be accessed directly on the device via Modbus/TCP or a RESTful web service.


  • Keeping the pulse of your system: Measure the status of your system and determine the remaining life expectancy (state of health) of SPDs
  • Always on the safe side: status reports complying with standards, at any time at the push of a button
  • Benefit from digital added value and services: Cloud-based data acquisition and the ability to display and combine measured values support completely new automated processes

Trip Power Supply Unit

TRIO POWER primary-switched power supply in IP67 die-cast housing, input: 3-phase, output: 24 V DC / 20 A.


  • Direct installation at the load in the field reduces cable lengths and saves space in the control cabinet
  • The robust design (die-cast aluminum housing) ensures high system availability, thanks to resistance to extreme environmental conditions (temperature, dust, and water)
  • Reliable startup of high loads, thanks to the dynamic boost
  • High efficiency of > 93%, thanks to low power losses

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