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Phoenix Contact PLCnext Technology Workshop - One Day Course

This automation programming workshop is designed for programmers, design engineers, and consulting engineers who work with equipment programmed by programmable logic controller (PLC).


  • Explore the fundamentals of PLC programming using widely accepted IEC61131 languages, including Ladder Logic, Function Blocks, and Structure Text.
  • Discover the possibilities of integrating popular high-level programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++ into PLCnext Technology.
  • Explore the utilization of open-source codes and applications available from the PLCnext Maker App Store to enhance automation tasks and optimize performance.
  • Engage in practical sessions using PLCnext control device hardware and the PLCnext Engineer editor.
  • Learn to develop and implement automation solutions using PLCnext Technology, with step-by-step guidance provided for specific automation tasks.
  • Utilize web-based HMI software to interface with PLCnext control devices and visualize automation processes in real-time.


Introduction to PLCnext technology, the most innovative PLCs in the industry. Learn programming techniques on the PLCnext control device that easily connects industrial automation to the IT world.

PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE PLCnext Engineer from Phoenix Contact

Minimum Number of Delegates Required per session

Workshop Duration
09:30 to 17:00

Workshop dates (Year 2024)
5 Jan, 8 Mar, 5 Apr,
3 May, 7 Jun, 5 Jul,
6 Sep, 4 Oct, 8 Nov
6 Dec

31 Mandai Estate #06-08 Tower 4 IMMEDIA @ Innovation Place Singapore 729933

Course Fees

Workshop Key Information

Prerequisite – General knowledge to PLCs & PLC programming
 duration – 6.5 hours
Course fees – Free (All other seminar materials will be provided)
Course dates (Year 2024)
5 Jan, 8 Mar, 5 Apr,
3 May, 7 Jun, 5 Jul,
6 Sep, 4 Oct, 8 Nov
6 Dec

Course contact person – sales@dmarktech.com

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