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Terminal Blocks for signal and power

Terminal blocks for signals and power - push-in connection for machine building

Wire sensors and actuators easily and clearly in modern machine control systems using compact sensor/actuator terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact.

To connect the machine supply, use the new high-current terminal blocks with push-in connection for conductors up to 95mm2.

Terminal blocks for signals  power

ptioCompact sensor/actuator terminal blocks

The new terminal blocks offer:

  • Terminal block width of just3.5mm
  • Push-in connection technology for cross sections from 0.25mm2
  • Power terminal blocks of the same shape for easy potential distribution
  • Versions with LED and PE contact
  • Numerous testing facilities and standardized accessories
  • Connection for all sensors and actuators with three or four conductors

power 95mm

High-current terminal blocks for conductors up to 95mm2 

Quick and easy connection is now also possible for large conductors. With push-in connection technology from Phoenix Conact, the conductors are inserted directly and vibration-resistant contact is made - without having manually open the terminal point.

To release the conductor, simply press the release button with a screwdriver.


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