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CONTACTRON - Solid State CONTACTORS CONTACTRON - Hybrid motor starters
CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters combine up to four functions for your motor control in a single device no wider than your thumb! They have a significantly longer service life than mechanical contractors, save a great deal of space, and can be quickly wired.

These hybrid motor starters and contactors offer long service life - up to 30 million switching cycles - in a compact form - 22.5 mm width. Ideal applications for these hybrid starters include frequent switching of motor circuits used in material handling and positioning applications.

CONTACTRON - Hybrid motor starters

CONTACTRON - State-of-the-art motor switching 
From the simple "1 in 1" direct starter up to "4 in 1" reversing starter, CONTACTRON switches motors of up to 4 kW quickly and reliably. The "4 in 1" reversing starter offers four functions with a cross section of just 22.5 mm: forward running, reverse running, motor protection, and emergency stop.

Advantages at a glance

  • Up to 75% less space required
  • Wiring time reduced by up to 75%
  • Tenfold service life
  • One device with up to four functions
  • With integrated short-circuit-protection
  • With SmartWire-DT connection

Up to 75% less space required

Switch and reverse motors up to 4 kW - no wider than your thumb. CONTACTRON "4 in 1" combines all reversing contactor functions on only 22.5 mm DIN rails, in a single device.

Wiring time reduced by up to 75%
The internal load and locking circuits minimize your wiring operations. This saves time and provides clearly structured wiring in the control cabinet.

Tenfold service life
A microprocessor-controlled combination of robust relay technology and wear-free solid-state technology enables "gentle" switching. This relieves the switching contacts of the intelligent hybrid output module considerably.

One device with up to four functions
A conventional reversing contactor circuit consists of a reversing contactor combination, a motor protection relay and an additional emergency stop contactor application as frequently required for safety reasons. CONTACTRON "4 in 1" hybrid motor starters with right contactor, left contactor, motor protection, and emergency stop offer all the functions of a conventional reversing contactor combination in a single device.

Some common installations include the following: 

  • Positioning - control of photovoltaic arrays in solar power generation. 
  • Material handling - movement of product on conveyors or elevators used in such industries as food, aggregate or chemical.
  • Pumping or Fan controls - commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, sports and entertainment facilities. 

Bridge for hybrid motor starter


Bridge for hybrid motor starter

  • These accessory items are designed to connect up to ten CONTACTRON motor starters or contactors with three phase input power, with a minimum amount of wiring time.
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