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Power PC 5 connector

Phoenix Contact's Power Plug Connectors with capacity of 41 Amps, Unrestricted 600V UL approval - Power PC 5 connector

PCB connectors
Phoenix Contact's PC 5 connector family now comes in a more compact design. The dimensions are 15% smaller than the original design, while maintaining the same high-performance data of the original PC 5 connector.

Using the new connectors, installers can wire currents up to 41 amps UL and conductors up to 8 AWG in a smaller space. This allows a more compact equipment design. All of the connectors are plug-compatible to the existing PC 5 and PC 4 headers and panel-mount plug connectors.

The updated PC 5 connectors are available

  1. With or without screw flange
  2. With or without an automatic snap-on mechanism without tools with the Click-and-Lock latching system; high degree of safety even in the case of vibrations
  3. With maximum contact safety thanks to an integrated double steel spring
SPC 5 connector
Push-In spring-cage connector

Screw connection and (NEW) Spring-cage connection

  • PC 5 connectors with screw connection
  • SPC 5 connectors with push-in spring-cage connection
  • Available with mounting flange (-STF) and with shield (-STF-SH)
  • Base strips in horizontal and vertical design
  • Inverted connections and base strips for contact-proff device outputs
SPC 5 connector with panel feed-through
Push-In spring-cage connector with panel feed-through
  Panel feed-through connection
  • Feed-through connectors for a panel thickness of 1 mm to 3 mm 
  • Versions with screw connection on the inside of the device 
  • Versions with solder connection on the inside of the device 
  • Compatible with the "Click and Lock" interlocking system 
  • In flange versions, shielding functions can be implemented on the housing panel 
  • In shield versions, shielding functions can also be implemented on the inside of the device 
Click and Lock automatic snap-lock mechanism
"Click and Lock" automatic snap-lock mechanism
  "Click and Lock" interlocking system connection
  • Automatic tool-free snap-lock mechanism for high level of safety even in the event of vibrations 
  • Screw connection and push-in spring-cage connection available
  • Compatible with all PC 5 base strips and with panel feed-through versions 
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