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Ethernet Switch Five- and Eight-Port Standard Function with Narrow Housing SFNB FL SWITCH

FL switch SFNB

The FL SWITCH SNFB... range of Factory Line switches extend the SFN range of switches for basic, entry level applications. They are ideal for applications that requires only basic Ethernet switching functions such as small scale machines and monitoring applications. The FL SWITCH SFNB switches have 5 or 8 ports. While they provide low installed cost Ethernet connections, they are fully industrialized with rugged metal housings, a -10°C to +60°C  temperature range and complete IEC 61000-4 electrical noise ratings.

The FL SWITCH SNFB... Factoryline switches can be used for quick and cost-effective Ethernet network expansion to the field level. Due to the narrow housing design, the switches are suitable for use in control cabinets and junction boxes. The switch supports the auto negotiation function and offers transmission speeds of 10/100 Mbps across RJ45 ports and 100 Mbps across fiber optic ports. Mixed operation for the connection of segments with different data transmission speeds is also supported.

The RJ45 ports offer an autocrossing function, which means it is not necessary to make a distinction between 1:1 and crossover cables. 

Switches are available with either SC or ST mutli-mode fiber optic ports. For longer distance, a single-mode fiber optic switch extends the segment to 20 km typical.

Features and Benefits

Increased network performance
- Switched Ethernet networks reduce traffic and nonpredictable timing

Easy network expansion
- No configuration of the switch
- Auto-negotiation and autocross simplify cabling
- Couple copper network segments with different bit rates with automatic detection of the data transmission speed of 10 or 100 Mbps.

Easy maintenance
- Individual LEDs at each port indicate communication activity and data rate
- Removable power connector
- Internal, resettable fuse
- NS 35 DIN rail (EN 60715) compatible

Fiber optic ports extend distance and provide electrical noise immunity
- SC multi-mode, SC single-mode and ST multimode versions available

Industrial rated
- Rugged metal housing for industrial applications
- -10 to 60°C operating range
- Meets IEC 61000-6-2 electrical noise immunity
- Meets IEC 60068-2-6 vibration test standards
- Meets IEC 60068-2-27 shock test standards

Here are the models available:
PxC-SFNB Table

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