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Connectivity, modularity, compact: So small - and so powerful


(Obsolete - will be replace by S7-1200)


The SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC is in a class by itself:
Exceptionally compact yet remarkably capable – especially with respect to its real-time performance – it is fast, features great communication options, and comes with easy to operate hardware and software.

The SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC has a consistently modular design – for customized solutions which are not too large for the present but open-ended enough to be expanded anytime in the future. All this makes the SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC a highly effective and economical solution for automated control in the compact performance range.

SIMATIC S7-200 delivers consistently economical solutions. The entire system family features: 
- powerful performance 
- optimum modularity
- open communications
- Small and compact – ideal for any applications where space is tight
- Basic and advanced functionality in all CPU models 
- Large program and data memory 
- Outstanding real-time response – being in total command of the entire process at any time means increased quality, efficiency and safety
- Easy-to-use STEP 7-Micro/WIN engineering software – ideal for both beginners and experts
- Integrated R-S 485-interface or use as system bus 
- Extremely fast and precise operational sequence and process control 
- Complete control of time-critical processes by time interrupts

Area of application
Micro PLC for simple automation tasks
The fields of application of the SIMATIC S7-200 extend from replacement of relays and contactors up to more complex automation tasks in stand-alone mode, in networks, and within distributed configurations. The S7-200 also increasingly provides access to areas in which special electronics was previously developed for economic reasons.
In addition to the comprehensive basic functionality of the five different CPUs, the modular system technology of the SIMATIC S7-200 offers a wide range of scalable and specific expansion modules for an extremely high range of functionalities in accordance with requirements.

The S7-200 has been proven worldwide in applications covering all sectors as a result of its wide range of exceptional features:

CPU 221
Compact CPU for simple automation tasks - The best compact device if you want to change to an effective solution that performs simple automation tasks very economically. Also available with an extended temperature range

CPU 222

Expandable compact CPU for more complex tasks - The capable, compact package for more complex machines and small system solutions

CPU 224

CPU for higher communication and computing requirements - The high-performance CPU for complex tasks that require speed and special communication capabilities

CPU 224 XP

CPU for simple drive tasks - The CPU 224 version for convenient implementation of simple drive tasks – with two interfaces, two analog inputs and one analog output, as well as two 100-kHz pulse outputs and two high-speed 200-kHz counters

CPU 226

High-performance CPU for larger technical tasks - The versatile high-performance CPU for complex automation tasks with expanded inputs and outputs as well as two RS485 interfaces



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