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Harmonic Filters

Harmonic Filters
Schaffner is uniquely able to offer both passive harmonic filters and active harmonic filters for the efficient mitigation of mains harmonics, worldwide. Schaffner harmonic filters help to obtain compliance with international standards like IEEE 519-1992 and with local utility codes. They reduce the electrical and thermal stress upon the electrical infrastructure, eliminate the risk of harmonics-related reliability problems, and support long-term energy efficiency and cost savings.

Schaffner active and passive harmonic filters are UL listed and CE marked, ready for international use.


FN 3410/11 and FN 3412/13 ECOsine™ 50Hz Advanced Passive Harmonic Filters

The industry standard for 6-pulse rectifiers and motor drives
The most compact 5% THID filter available
Excellent behavior under partial load conditions
Filters for diode rectifiers (SCR) rectifiers
Frequency: 50 Hz (FN 3410/11) or 60 Hz (FN3412/13)
Harmonic mitigation: THID < 5%
Rated Currents: 10 to 320 A (FN 3410/11)), 8 to 310A (FN 3412/13)
Rated Power: 4 to 200 kW (FN 3410/11), 5 to 250 HP (EN 3412/13)
Voltage: 380 to 500 V (FN3410/11), 440 to 480 VAC (FN 3412/13)


FN 3420 / FN 3430 ECOsine™ Active Harmonic Filters

Programmable harmonics mitigation, power factor correction, load balancing
Ultra-fast electronics result in a response time of less than 300µs
Adapts to changing network topologies instantly
Filters for up to 480V 3-wire networks
Filters for up to 400V 4-wire networks
Compensation current: 30 to 300 A
Frequency: 47 to 63 Hz
Harmonic mitigation: THID < 5%,THID adjustable
Voltage: 200 to 480 V


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