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Spring-cage Connection Terminal Block

Spring-cage Connection Terminal Block | CLIPLINE

System Features 


ST spring-cage connection system for applications that is sensitive to vibration.  
All metal parts are made of corrosion-free materials.
The current-carrying metals consist of high-grade copper alloys.
Connection Principal

Spring-cage terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact have been developed for universal spring-loaded conductor contacting. The contact force is dependent of the user and creates a vibration-proof, gas-tight connection with long-term stability.

The terminal point is opened with a standard screwdriver. After the conductor is inserted into the clamping space, the srew driver is removed and the conductor makes contact automatically. The easy operation is a result of the front connection, i.e. the conductor and screw driver come in parallel from the same direction.

All kinds of copper conductors up to 25mm² can be clamped without pretreatment. Splicing protection can also be implemented in the form of ferrules.

Phoenix Contact spring-cage terminal blocks offer a large insertion space, i.e. conductors with ferrules with insulating collars can also be wired in the nominal cross-section.
Very large conductor cross-sections of up to 240mm2 can also be wired gas-tight and with long-term stability.


CLIPLINE complete ST spring-cage terminal blocks selection guide     PDF Data Sheet
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