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Screw Connection Terminal Block

Screw Connection Terminal Block | CLIPLINE

System Features

UT/UK screw connection screw system is familiar and accepted worldwide and can be used everywhere.       

Connection Principal

Terminal blocks with screw connection from Phoenix Contact meet the demands of most applications. Save time when building rail assemblies with ground blocks that snap onto the rail using a special PE foot and robust plug-in bridges among other operator benefits.An important characteristic is the maintenance-free conductor connection. It is not necessary to tighten the terminal block screws. The screws are prevented from loosening by “Reakdyn Principle”, a screw locking technique developed by Phoenix Contact.


Why our screw terminal block?

  • Save time and space with multi-conductor connections
  • Low maintenance: patented Reakdyn connection principle prevents screw back-out
  • Save money with bridging, marking and test accessories
  • High conductivity with broad range of conductor cross sections up to 500 kcmil (240mm2)
  • Widely recognized throughout the world
  • Copper conductors can be clamped without pretreatment.
CLIPLINE complete UT screw connection terminal blocks selection guide     PDF Data Sheet
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