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Redundancy Diode

Redundancy modules can be used to isolate two power supply units of the same type. In critical applications, they provide 100% redundancy for maximum system availability.

TRIO DIODE is the DIN-rail mountable redundancy module from the TRIO POWER product range.

Using the redundancy module, it is possible for two power supply units of the same type connected in parallel on the output side to increase performance or for redundancy to be 100% isolated from one another.

Redundant systems are used in systems that place particularly high demands on operational reliability. The connected power supply units must be large enough that the total current requirements of all loads can be met by one power supply unit. The redundant structure of the power supply therefore ensures long-term, permanent system availability.

In the event of an internal device fault or failure of the mains power supply on the primary side, the other device automatically takes over the entire power supply of the loads without interruption. The floating signal contact and LED immediately indicate the loss of redundancy.

  Redundancy diode module Redundancy diode module Redundancy module with function monitoring, 2x10 A, 1X 20A Redundancy module with function monitoring, 48 V DC, 2x 10 A, 1x 20 A
Nominal input voltage DC 24V DC 48V DC 12 -24V DC 48V
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