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Connection Technology for Field Devices and Field Cabling | PLUSCON | PLUSCON Heavy

PLUSCON Heavy | Heavy-duty industrial connectors


PLUSCON heavy comprises an extensive range of rugged industrial plus connectors for quick commissioning and service under the most severe operating conditions.
QUICKON-Power Distribution covers a complete range of circular connectors for your power distribution solutions 4 x 2.5mm², 690 V / 20 A with the QUICKCON IDC fast connection.

DUPLICON is a newly developed product from Phoenix Contact for decentral installation with the core focus connectors can be integrated into modular machines and systems extremely easily and flexibly. Thanks to its stackability, DUPLICON offers uniform installation of power rails in the control cabinet and PCBs in the field devices and it can be extended by simple plugging in.

HEAVYCON connectors with the IP65 degree of protection have been established in industrial environments for many decades. The HEAVYCON ADVANCE housing range is a further development of the classic HEAVYCON connector for panel feed-throughs up to the IP68 degree of protection. The housing is fixed directly on the mounting panel using a screw or bayonet latch, eliminating the need for a panel mounting base.
HEAVYCON offers you an extensive solution range of connectors for sensitive signals varying from a few mA to high currents of 200 A and with various number of positions. Contact inserts and contact insert modules are available with screw, crimp, spring-cage, push-in, axial screw and QUICKON fast connection technology. An extensive range of accessories rounds off the program for your applications.

Power distributors - QUICKON

QUICKONis an insulation displacement connection method for insulation materials such as PVC and PE that can be cut (other materials on request). This fast connection technology from Phoenix Contact has established and proven itself in various applications in the last few years.

The main advantages are: 

  • Considerable time-savings during on-site connection since tripping conductor wires is no longer required
  • Easy assembly without special tools
  • High reliability through tried-and-tested connection contacts 
  • Rugged housings with IP68 degree of protection

QUICKON Power distribution comprises all important components for power distribution in expansive machines, systems and buildings. It also includes extremely rugged and compact H-distributors, conductor connectors and panel feed-through for control cabinets or devices. 
The connector with the green screw locking is pin-compatible with the QUICKON connection and can be optionally used for the QUICKON fixed connection. It is polarized against incorrect plugging and has a pluggable coding to prevent confusion with other connectors and also has a leading PE contact. QUICKON Power Distribution connections meet the touch proof requirements in accordance with DIN EN 0105.

Function of QUICKON:
During connection, the conductor is pushed into the IDC terminal block with the slice body when the QUICKON nut is screwed on. To make complete contact, the QUICKON nut must be screwed tight up to marking I, II or III depending on the cable diameter. The screw force increases considerably right from the beginning in order to cut through the insulation. This point must be crossed in order to finally bring the conductor into the end position and to ensure the tight seal and strain relief similar to a conventional cable gland. The contact force acting on the conductor is independent of the user and always has the same quality.

H-distributors and connectors - QUICKON power distributors Panel feed-throughs - QUICKON power distributors      

Power distributors - DUPLICON

DUPLICON is a seamless power distributor system for 6x4 mm² + PE conductors (25 A/400/690V), from the power rail via ST-COMBI in the control cabinet right up to the PCB or plug connection on the power load. The system has very few components and is extremely flexible in its handling. The sturdy metal housings with innovative locking latches qualify DUPLICON for the harshest operating conditions.

The version fulfills the IP67 degree of protection. The contact inserts have a leading PE contact and the screw connections can be assembled with standard tools. DUPLICON serves as an interface between the control cabinet and device or actuators/drives. With connection options of 24 V or two-wire bus lines for AS-i or PROFIBUS, DUPLICON also provides a connection to the signal world, which opens up a wide spectrum of applications.

The pluggable design means that all the cables can be assembled conveniently in the workshop and plugged together in the plant in no time at all. All connections are touch proof in acc. with DIN VDE 0105 and fulfill the requirements of BGV A2 accident prevention regulations.

Connector sets - DUPLICON power distributors Contact inserts - DUPLICON power distributors Housing - DUPLICON power distributors    

Heavy duty connectors - HEAVYCON

Heavy-duty industrial connectors of the HEAVYCON series can be used under the harshest conditions. The sturdy metal housings of the connectors are resistant to dirt, water, vibrations and high mechanical stress. The housings are equipped with longitudinal, lateral and central locking latches in order to meet very different requirements.

The ADVANCE housings can be used without a panel mounting base because the connector forms a seal directly on the housing wall. The elimination of the panel mounting base produces excellent EML attenuation values.

Versions with fixed numbers of positions and modules for side-by-side mounting are available as contact inserts. The B series inserts with fixed numbers of position are available with very different connection methods: screw, crimp, spring-cage, push-in and QUICKON fast connection.

QUICKON connection eliminates the need to strip the cores; this saves a lot of time and money. The modular HC-Modular system makes it possible to individually design contact inserts. A wide range of modules is available: module with different numbers of positions - including for high voltages and high currents, for coaxial cables, for bus cables, for D-DUB and for compressed air.

HEAVYCON - Contact inserts series A, B, BB, D, DD, HS HEAVYCON - Modular contact inserts HEAVYCON - Terminal adapters with QUICKON, push-in and screw connection HEAVYCON-ADVANCE - Sleeve housing B series with screw and bayonet latch  
HEAVYCON - Sleeve/supporting base element with locking latch HEAVYCON EVO - Plastic Plug-in Connector HEAVYCON - Turned and rolled crimp contacts  Crimping tools  
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