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In line with the decentralization of complex production systems and the increasing need for quick information and dare transfer; standardized data interfaces are being used in industrial applications. Industrials ambient conditions place exacting demands on connectors, connection methods and cabling that are comparable with the office environment. Classic fieldbuses like Interbus and Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, Profinet, USB, FireWire - with PLUSCON data, Phoenix Contact offers industry-compatible components with the IP20 and IP67 degrees of protection for classic communications interfaces.

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet installation systems with RJ45, M12 and SCRJ connectors provide users with complete cabling concepts for all industrial installation situations. All RJ45 and M12 components for Ethernet are in compliance with CAT5 pursuant to IEC 11801:2002 and CAT5e as per TIA 568B:2001. CAT6 compatible components are also available for torture-oriented systems. The SCRJ FO connectors with fast connection technology can be used fro all customary fiber types.
Another emerging trend is to use data and power in one connector: This technology is used in the VARAN system.
RJ45 connectors for Industrial Ethernet with IP20/IP67 degree of protection M12 flush-type connectors, plugs and cables for Industrial Ethernet IP20 RJ45 patch panel and IP67 terminal outlets for Industrial Ethernet FO connectors SCRJ for fiber types POF, HCS and GOF for Industrial Ethernet Assembly tools


The PFOFIBUS user organization (PNO) has defined the RJ45 and M12 connectors with D-coding in combination with Profinet cable (AWG 22) for Profinet cabling. For fiber optics cabling, the SCRJ connector is used for the fiber types POF, HCS and glass fiber. Phoenix Contact offers these connectors with established quick connection methods and corresponding Profinet cable. The push-pull connector with the RJ45, SCRJ and Power (5-pos., 24V) versions developed by Phoenix Contact was selected as the IP65/67 solution. The exceptionally rugged push-pull connector is extremely easy to use and available with a metal or plastic housing.
RJ45 connectors for PROFINET with IP20/IP67 degree of protection M12 flush-type connectors, plugs and cables for PROFINET IP20 RJ45 patch panel for PROFINET FO connectors SCRJ for fiber types POF, HCS and GOF for PROFINET Power connectors with COMBICON connection for PROFINET


Versions with special characteristics adapted to the requirements of the fieldbus organizations, are available for the most common fieldbuses INTERBUS, PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNETTM and AS-Interface, CC-Link and FOUNDATION FieldbusTM. Control cabinet feed-throughs, equipment connections, couplings and distributors can be easily created with components from the M12 and D-SUB range. The D-SUB based fieldbus connectors with screw connection can be connected quickly even under field conditions. Special protection and terminating devices in accordance with the guidelines of the applicable fieldbus organization guarantee problem-free operation. The terminating resistor can be connected using a switch accessible from the outside.
D-SUB connectors for INTERBUS, PROFIBUS and CANopen M12 flush-type connectors, plugs and cables for fieldbuses Complete range of connectors for AS-Interface    

USB and Firewire

The USB and Firewire connectors have been specially developed for using the USB and FireWire interfaces on the machine and in the control cabinet. The rugged licking clip interlock opens up varied fields of applications in the industrial environment. Assembled cables compliant with IP20 and IP67 degrees of protection, panel mounting frames and contact inserts are available for users. Contact inserts with a rear flat-ribbon cable terminal strip are especially suitable for integration into IP67-protected devices; the socket/socket version is suitable for control cabinet feed-throughs. The USB memory stick compliant with IP67 degree of protection enables assembling a service interface in combination with the panel mounting frame and protective cover.
USB and FireWire connectors with IP20/IP67 degree of portection        

D-SUB based connectors

D-SUB is product range that enables using D-SUB connectors in harsh environmental conditions. The sturdy sleeve housings and mounting frames can be used with standard D-SUB contact inserts, which allow for a wide range of applications. EMC inner sleeves can be additionally used in environments with strong EMC fields. Device connections, control cabinet feed-throughs or field cabling - no problem with the D-SUB range. Phoenix Contact offers an extensive product range for customary applications containing housings and contact inserts. Contact inserts are available as signal, power and coaxial versions as well as combined versions.
D-SUB-based connectors for signal and power transmission        

Service Interface

The new service interface is designed for use in control cabinets and devices in a harsh industrial environment. Single and dual metal frames are quipped with a transparent, interlockable cover that complies with the IP67 degree of protection when closed. In addition to front plates, completely assembled with contact inserts, unassembled plates for accommodating D-SUB, Keystone and Freenet contact inserts are available for equipping the metal frames. In this way D-SUB, RJ45, USB, FireWire and SCRJ interfaces can be designed in combination with socket inserts in different country-specific versions.
Service interfaces for RJ45, USB, ForeWire, SCRJ and D-SUB inserts        

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