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Connection Technology for Field Devices and Field Cabling | PLUSCON | PLUSCON Circular

PLUSCON Circular | Circular connectors


PLUSCON circular is a circular connector for use in industrial automation. The range of design sizes available is varied, starting with the design sizes M5 to M8 and M12, for sensor/actuator connection technology through M17, M23, predominantly for the transmission of analog and digital signals, up to M40 and M58 connectors. The latter are used exclusively for the transmission of electrical currents of up to 150 A at 630 V per contact feed-through. The entire range covers the band width of circular connectors for industrial applications.

Sensor/actuator with flush-type connectors

The wide product range of flush-type connectors for sensor/actuator components offers comprehensive solutions for M5, M8, M12 and 7/8" device connection methods. Typical fields of application are: The pluggable connection methods of control cabinets, limit switches, encoders and devices using panel feed-throughs. Flush-type connectors are available for the device connection method for sensor/actuator boxes, fieldbus modules and industrial controllers. These connectors can be 'seamlessly' mechanically integrated into the device design and are designed for economical PCB assembly, e.g. using THR and the Pick & Place technique.


M5 flush-type connectors with litz wire of solder connection
M8 flush-type connectors with litz wire or solder connection
M12 flush-type connectors with litz wire
M12 flush-type connectors with PCB mounting, wave soldering
m12 flush-type connectors for PCB mounting THR
7/8" flush-type connectors with litz wire

Sensor/actuator connectors for assembly

A wide range of connectors for free assembly is available for the quick assembly of often differing conductor lengths, e.g. on-site. For the M8 and M12 connector range, various connection concepts are available. The M8 connectors are available with the classic screw or solder connection and the Piercecon fast connection system. The M12 series is available with screw or spring-cage connection as well as with the QUICKON fast connection technology. These versions are uniformly available with a SPEEDCON interlock. Connectors that can be shielded and freely assembled are available for EMC-capable applications. They are characterized by a rugged; metal shall with corresponding shield attenuation.

M8 connectors with solder, screw or Piercon connection for assembly
M8 connectors with screw connection, shielded for assembly
M12 connectors with spring-cage or screw connection for assembly
M12 connectors with QUICKON connection for assembly
M12 connectors with spring-cage or screw connection, shielded for assembly
M12 connectors for assembly for food and beverage industry
7/8" connector with screw connection for assembly

Signal and power connectors

CONINVERS is the specialist for circular connectors in the Phoenix Contact group of companies. An extract of the product range that is especially suitable for power cables is given on the following pages. In addition to P30 and P70 series power connectors for up to 70 A at 630 V, it also contains M23 feedback connectors.

M23 signal/feedback connectors series RF
M23 power connectors series P30
M40 power connectors series P70

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