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Operator terminals (OT) and touch panels (TP) from Phoenix Contact are very compact operation and monitoring devices and are east to intergrate into the AUTOMATIONWORX system via OPC.

For small systems that are to be operated automatically, Phoenix Contact also provides new web panels (WP) that enables an easy and cost-effective web-based entry into visualization.

One Ethernet and two USB ports ensure fast and seamless communication. Due to the different display sizes, a variable number of keys and a scalable processor capacity, these devices can be flexibly adpated to the relevant application requirements.

Visualization is carried out via the Visu+ software in the case of OTs abd TPs and via WebVisit in the case of WPs.

Basic Settings, such as the assignment of IP addresses, are easily made on the device using an integrated service tool.

AUTOMATION Operator terminals, touch panels, web panels product overview
Operator terminal OT
Operator terminal with 3.0" graphic-capable FSTN display
Operator terminal with 3.8" graphic-capable FSTN display
Operator terminal with 5.7" graphic-capable FSTN display
Touch panels TP
TP 04M
Touch panel with 3.8" graphic-capable FSTN display
TP 06M
Touch panel with 5.7" graphic-capable FSTN display
TP 06S
Touch panel with 5.7" graphic-capable C-STN display
TP 07T
Touch panel with 7" graphic-capable TFT display
TP 06T
Touch panel with 6.5" graphic-capable TFT display
TP 10T
Touch panel with 10.4" graphic-capable TFT display
TP 12T
Touch panel with 12.1" graphic-capable TFT display
TP 15T
Touch panel with 15.1" graphic-capable TFT display
Touch panels - Shipbuilding solutions
TP 0...M/M 201
4", 6" Touch panel with graphic-capable FSTN display
TP 06S/M 201
Touch panel with graphic-capable C-STN display
TP...M/M 201
7", 10" Touch panel with graphic-capable TFT display
TP 1...T/M 201
12", 15" Touch panel with graphic-capable TFT display
Web panels WP
WP 04T
Web panel with graphics-capable 3.5" TFT display
WP 06T
Web panel with graphics-capable 5.7" TFT display
Runtime licenses for Visu+ with 2 direct drivers
WebVisit Pro
Development software for web-based visualization

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