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Industrial Plugs & Socket-outlets

A wide range, suitable for all industrial sectors

This extensive and comprehensive products range covers all industrial applications. With sizes varying from 5A to 700A, it offers a wide range of options.

Industrial Power Supply

DECONTACTOR™ & Connectors - from 16A to 250A
The DSN, DS and DN DECONTACTOR™ ranges cover applications from 20A to 250A making them the most versatile for industry

Compact connectors - Up to 16A or 30A
PNC and PN are compact 16A and 30A connectors design for all type of environment (humidity, corrossion, pollution...) found in many industrial sectors.

DB disconnectable motor switch - Up to 125A
DB disconnectable motor switches combine the function of an AC-3 motor switch with the convenience of a plug and socket.

Signal & Control

Multi-contact connectors - from 5 to 37 contacts - 5A to 30A
Low currents: 4mA to 20mA, 16mA
The multi-contact connectors can hook up equipment to a power supply and transmit data. The silver-nickel alloy used for the butt contacts provides exceptional conductivity and longevity (can withstand several thousands of operations). The casing is available in GRP or metal to ensure excellent resistance - even in harsh conditions. And because the contacts are crimped, the connectors can be mounted and demounted quickly and easily.

High Current


Heavy-duty plugs & sockets
Up to 700A - 1000V
MARECHEL® high-current plugs offer a reliable solution for connections even under the harshest environments. Our PF range can accommodate up to six auxiliaries and two pilots, is IP66/IP67 watertight, and has an electromechanical lockout system. Our DS4 range offers compact plug and socket outlet systems for connections up to 400A. The sturdy metal box means that the system will continue to work reliably even in harsh conditions. Thanks to unique butt contact mechanism, the CS1000 and SP single-pole connectors can be used with currents of 400A or 700A.



High Temperature


DECONTACTOR™ & connectors
25A to 90A
This range of power connectors and signal & control connectors, provides excellent connection quality in high-temperature environments, up to 400°C (DS HT range).



Self-ejecting systems

Mechanical ejection up to 150A
Electromechanical ejection boxes up to 32A - 13bars
Self-ejecting systems avoid the need to disconnect electrical equipment, allowing a mobile device to be moved without unplugging it, or where equipment is located in high-risk areas. There are many applications: emergency vehicles, ambulance, road transport vehicles, electric boats, rolling heating or cooling in the food industry, canteens or hospitals or switch boards located at vulnerable places (a toll terminal for example).

Distribution boxes


Socket-outlet with protection up to 63A
MARECHAL® offers a wide range of boxes for all industrial applications and a large choice of products designed specifically for power-supply in tunnels. Compliant with CEI EN 61439-1 and CEI EN 61439-3, CD box is composed of two parts fixed on hinges: a protection part with a transparent window and a key locking option, and a terminal part for a quick access to the connection.

Tunnel applications boxes
Made from halogen free fiberglass reinforced polyster compound or thermoplastic, tunnel boxes allow a service tap-off from the main through cable without the need to strip or cut the main cable.

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