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Tower Signal Lights

  LD6A SignaLightsutilize the latest LED technology to provide a bright solution for supervising workstations or indicating the status of a process. These light towers were specifically created with a modern design and unique lens shape, which diffuses light to provide sharper illumination and increased visibility

Key Features
- Non-illuminating area between lenses makes illuminated color more visible. 

- Steady and Flashing Units. Flashing cycle compiles with IEC Standards (1.75Hz, approximately 105 times per minute) 

- Two Alarm Styles (Volume: 70dB to 90dB) 
- Intermittent short sound 
- Intermittent long sound

- Five Mounting styles
- Wall Mount
- Frame Mount
- Direct Mount
- Pole mount with base
- Pole mount with L-Shaped bracket

- IP 65 Degree of protection (Steady Type) 

Steady frame mount, wall mount, direct mount, pole mount with base IP65
Steady pole mount with L-shaped bracket IP23
Flashing/Alarm frame mount, wall mount, direct mount, pole mount with base IP54
Flashing/Alarm pole mount with L-shaped bracket IP23

- Clear Lens type available for clearer ON/OFF state distinction 

- UL/c-UL Recognized and CE Marked

  LT7 seriessignal towers combine innovative LED technology with a five-color modular-style assembly. Stackable and interchangeable modules make it easy to make changes and modify combinations even after it's installed on your machine. The simple design uses only nine modular components complete with alarm functions. And a new Lemon-Yellow color now gives you even more colors to choose from!

IDEC has also introduced several new product additions to its LT7 SignaLight series. The most exciting of these is a new strobe LED-lens module, which works with the 24V DC base units and pulses 77 times per minute! The strobe LED has a long life expectancy; provides added flexibility with five colors to choose from; and saves money compared with traditional xenon strobe modules.

Depending on specific requirements, the LT7 is available in 24 VDC or 90~250VAC steady and flashing models. The ultra-bright LEDs, IP65 protection and lead-free solder construction meet the most stringent operation safety and environmental requirements, as well as global approvals.

The LT7 series is the best signaling solution in the industry today, bringing added value to your machines, systems and applications.

Key Features
- 70mm diameter 
- Ultra bright LEDs, including new Lemon-Yellow color* 
- New LED-strobe modules(24VDC)
- Unique contact design ensures longer life 
- Fast and easy assembly 
- Optional adjustable alarm
- Lead-free design 
- IP65 environmental protection 
- NEMA 4, 4x, 13 rating 
- Color-coded wiring terminals 
- Mounting accessories available including new 1/2" NPT adapter and wall mounting adapter 
- UL/c-UL Listed, CE marked 
- Built-in rubber vibration damper
- NPT conduit adaptors for 1/2" and 3/4" pipe 
- UL and c-UL listed

*Note: Maximum 5 LED modules per base and Lemon-Yellow interchanges with Amber-Yellow only

  Vertical mounting light towers with LED or incandescent illumination up to 5 tiers. IDEC's SignaLight light towersoffer a cost-competive solution to your light tower demands. Available from 1 to 5 tiers with either LED or incandescent lamps, they feature easy-to-replace lamps and a unique, built-in, rubber vibration-damper. Models are available with a steady (non-flashing) function or with a built-in flashing circuit that allows any combination of flashing and non-flashing tiers. Ideal for such applications as automated assembly and packaging machines, conveyor systems, and CNC machinery. SignaLights provide a clear and obvious indicator of machine status from anywhere on a factory or office floor.

Key Features
- Flashing and steady units available 
- Five color choices: green, blue, red, white, and yellow 
- LED or incandescent lamps using BA15D lamp base 
- Easy lamp replacement (and ability to interchange LED and incandescent lamps) 
- Variety of mounting options including L-bracket, conduit, or horizontal surface 
- Built-in rubber vibration damper 
- NPT conduit adaptors for 1/2" and 3/4" pipe 
- UL and c-UL listed

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