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  Simple and flexible multi-mode/multi-range timers with 10A contacts.

Key Features
- 10A DPDT contacts 
- Timing ranges up to 600 hours (20 time ranges per model) 
- Available with either tubular pin or .187" solder/quick connect plug-in terminals 
- Mounts in plug-in socket or with optional panel mount adaptor 
- Power "ON" and output "OUT" indicating LEDs 
- UL listed and CE marked



  Multi-mode and multi-range timers with 5A contacts, multi-function, digital set and other speciality timers available.

Key Features
- GT3A: 16 timing functions in 6 different models, capable of delays up to 180 hours 
- GT3D: Time set precision with count up/down LCD display 
- GT3F: True Power Off delay timer in SPDT or DPDT, up to 10 minutes 
- GT3S: Star-Delta timers 
- GT3W: Dual knob adjustements for 8 special timing functions with time ranges up to 300 hours
- 8 or 11 tubular pin termination, use industry standard sockets 
- Use industry standard sockets 
- UL-recognized, CSA certified TUVV approved and CE marked

  Miniature ON Delay timers with up to four poles and delays up to 60 minutes.

Key Features
- GT5P: Specify time range per model 
- GT5P: SPDT (8 pin octal) 
- GT5Y: DPDT or 4PDT (.110" blades) 
- GT5Y: Four time ranges per model 
- GT5Y: Uses the same sockets and hold-down clips as IDEC's RY4S and RU series relays 
- Control settings by hand or screwdriver 
- Power "On" and timing "Out" indicating LEDs

  Standard 45 DIN panel mount ON Delay timer. Time ranges up to 10 hours. Great OEM product.

Key Features
- 45mm x 45mm DIN standard housing 
- Large, clear knob for easy setting 
- Time delays from 0.1 sec to 10 hours 
- Delay on Make (ON delay) function 
- "Power" and "Out" LED indicators 
- UL listed, CSA certified, TUV approved and CE marked 
- Optional clear, plastic cover

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