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Switching and pilot devices

  Ø8, Ø10, Ø12, Ø16 A series
- Light-touch operator with short body
- Variety of operator types and colours
- Bright and clear illumination face with LED lamps
- Available in enclosed (IP40) and oil tight (IP65) types
- SPDT or DPDT gold-clad silver contacts
- Flush mounting available
  Ø8, Ø10, Ø12, Ø16 AP series
- Space saving miniature style
- Built-in protection diode and resistor
- Dome or flat lenses
- Five illumination colours: Red, Green, Amber, Yellow, White
- Solder terminals, Built-in current limiting resistor
- Three power voltages: 6, 12, 24V DC
- IP65 rated (AP8 series: I40)
  Ø16 L6 series
- Light duty control units with locking lever and removable contacts
- Bright LED illumination
- Gold-clad corss bar contacts and silver contacts
- UL recognized, CSA certified (except buzzers)
- EN compliant (except buzzers), RoHS compliant
- IP65 protection
  Ø16 H6 series
- Ideal for heavy duty application
- Separate contact block makes installation and removal easy
- Large operator: bezel size (Ø24 mm, 24x24mm)
- Shock and virbation resistant rugged design
- High operating force and long stroke prevent inadvertent operation
- IP65, UL recognized, CSA certified
- EN compliant 
  Ø22 TW series
- Highly reliable contacts, long life design
- Snap-on mount contact block and transformers
- High contact rating with 10A continuous current
- IP65 protection
- UL and CSA approved
- EN compliant
  Ø22 YW series
- Tamper proof construction
- Cost effective, high performance
- Finger-safe screw terminal
- Locking lever removable contact blocks
- Pilot lights feature a large lens to ensure wide viewing angle
- Non glare matte surfaces on the button, lens and bezel reduction of ambient light
- UL, c-UL approved, EN compliant
  Ø22 YW metal bezel series
- Compact and light weight
- IP20 finger-safe screw terminals (IEC 60529)
- Separate contact blocks make installation adn removal easy
- Matted-surface buttons, lenses and bezels reduce relfection of ambient light
- UL, c-UL listed, EN compliant and CCC approved
  Ø22 YW unibody series
- Higher brightness
- Short depth nehind the panel (42mm)
- Four lens shapes: Flush, Flush with marking, Extended and Dome
- Finger-safe screw terminals
- LED illumination ensures long life span
- Available in seven lens colors: Amber, Green, pure White, Red, Blue, White and Yellow
- UL, c-UL approved, EN compliant
  Ø22 HW dual pushbuttons series
- Momentary and interlock types
- Interlock type prevents both buttons from being pressed at the same time
- Pilot lights are available in full voltage and transformer types illuminated with LED or incandescent lamps
- UL, CSA approved, and EN compliant
  Ø25 TWS series
- Heavy duty control units with high reliability
- Modular construction for maximum flexibility
- Transformer or full voltage
- LED or incandescent illumination
- IP65 protection
- UL and CSA approved
- EN compliant
N-Series-Switching-and-Pilo   Ø30 N series
- Heavy duty control units with high reliability
- Variety of models with up to maximum 10A contact rating
- Durbale nylon 66 housing with silver contacts
- LED or incandescent illumination
- IP65 protection
- UL and CSA approved
- EN compliant
  Ø30 XN series
- 4-contact Emergenyc stop switch
- Padlockable type, flush bezel type, 60mm jumbo mushroom, illumiated type, LED push-on type are available
- Safety lock mechanism, Direct opening action
- IDEC's original "Safe break action" and safety potential structure ensure highest level of safety
- Gold-plated silver contacts
- RoHS compliant
  66mm HW series jumbo dome pilot lights
- Lens size Ø66mm, mounting hole size Ø22mm
- Clear and easy recognition from a distance
- Brillant and prominent from sides
- Available in six lens colours (Amber, Green, Red, Blue, White, Yellow)
- LED or incadescent illumination
  MC series
- Super bright LED or incadescent lamps
- Rectangular and square body types
- Removable contact blocks promote easy PCB mounting
- Snap-action switching contacts
- Slow-action and maintained types also available
- Illumination face division: Full to 4-way spilt (MC3D) or 2-way spilt (MC2D)
- UL and c-UL recognized, EN compliant
  LW flush silhouette series
- Ø25.3mm round panel cut-out, 24.5mm square panel cut-out
- Plastic or metal bezels
- Collective mounting possible
- Separate type control units with a locking lever enable easy installation even when mounted collectively
- Gold (gold-clad silver) or silver contacts
- IP65 protection
- UL and CSA approved
- EN compliant
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