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Relays and Sockets

General purpose relay


  Slim plug in relay ideal for space saving or PLC interfacing applications. 12A (16A) or 8A contacts in SPDT or DPDT formats.

Key Features
- RJ Slim GP Relay ideal for space saving application 
- Compact size: 12.7mm width 
- SPDT or DPDT (Form C or Form A contacts1)
- Up to 16A rated contacts1 
- Electrical life: 200,000 cycles (AC Load) and 100,000 cycles (DC Load) 
- Mechanical life: 30 million cycles (AC coil) and 50 million cycles (DC coil) 
- Highly visible Indicator LED using IDEC's unique light guide design1 
- RoHS Complaint (2002/95/EC) 

1On select models. Please consult part number table or configure part in parts list.

General purpose relay
  Robotic assembled, compact plug in relays with 6A or 10A contacts, in DPDT or 4PDT. Bifurcated contacts for less than 20mA switching available.

Key Features
- RU2: DPDT, 10A (250V AC/30V DC) 
- RU4: 4PDT, 6A (250V AC/30V DC) 
- RU42: 4PDT bifurcated 3A (250V AC/30V DC) for dry contact circuits 
- Quality design - solder free construction (lead free) 
- Latching & momentary check button levers 
- Non-polarized green indicator LED & mechanical indicator flag standard 
- AC/DC color coded manual latching levers 
- Snap-on marking plates available in yellow (standard color), green, orange, blue or white for easy labeling & identification 
- Available in 12V, 24V, or 110V DC; 24V, 110-120V, 220-240V AC

General purpose relay

Traditional power relays with 10A silver contacts, octal pin or blade type, in SPDT, DPDT, or 3PDT

Key Features
- High reliability and long service life 
- SPDT, DPDT, or 3PDT pure silver contacts 
- Available with octal (8-pin and 11-pin) or .187" blade plug-in terminals 
- Worldwide approvals on octal (8-pin and 11-pin) models: UL, CSA, TUV, CE 
- Options include check button for test operation and indicator light 
- Mounting options include flange mounting, DIN socket, or panel mount socket

General purpose relay
  Compact 10A ice-cube plug in relays, SPDT, DPDT, 3PDT or 4PDT, blade or PCB type. DPDT modle UL rated for 500K life cycles.

Key Features
- Compact midget size saves space 
- SPDT, DPDT, 3PDT, or 4PDT AgCdO contacts 
- High switching capacity (10A) 
- Choice of blade or PCB type terminals 
- Options include indicator light and check button 
- Mounting options include top mounting, DIN socket, or panel mount socket

General purpose relay
  Compact plug in blade or PCB relay with 3A or 5A gold contacts. Bifurcated contacts for less than 20mA switching available.

Key Features
- High density, 4PDT in a package less than .840" wide 
- 4PDT and a "true" DPDT model
- RY Series gold plated contacts standard, Palladium alloy bifurcated crossbar contacts optional for extremely low level applications 
- RM2 features fine silver 5A contacts 
- Blade plug-in or PCB terminals 
- Options include indicator light, check button, and top mounting bracket 
- Mounting options include top mounting, DIN socket, PCB socket, or panel mount socket

Latching relay

10A, 11-pin octal base permanent magnet, dual coil latching relay.

Key Features
- Contacts reated to 10A/250V AC, 10A/30V DC 
- Standard octal base (11-pin) termination 
- Coils rated for continuous duty 
- High vibration and shock resistance 
- Optional dual manual check button for circuit testing 
- Dual coil / permanent magnet 
- 10A

Latching relay
  10A magnetic latching relays with blade and PCB terminations.

Key Features
- Contacts rated to 10A/250V AC, 10A/20V DC 
- Available with blade and PC mount terminals 
- Compact miniature size saves board space 
- Coils rated for continuous duty 
- Built-in operation indicator to show set/reset condition 
- 10A

Latching relay

5A miniature ice cube permanent magnet, dual coil latching relay.

Key Features
- Contacts rated 3A/240V AC, 3A/30V DC 
- Standard "ice cube" base, solder lug (14-pin) termination 
- High vibration and shock resistance 
- Excellent self-holding performance 
- Optional dual manual check button for circuit testing
- Dual coil permanent magnet 
- 5A


Snap mount, screw terminal sockets, and new spring clamp, the "Industry Standard" for a variety of plug-in relays and timers. Fingersafe models available.

Key Features
- Worldwide Approvals: UL, CSA, TUV, CE 
- UL94-V0 flame resistant material 
- Models available in fingersafe versions (with IEC standard terminal numbering) 
- Unbreakable nylon construction 
- Rust-proof, double nickel-plated steel screws are available in applicable models (withstands 96 hour salt spray test) 
- Hold-down springs and clips available for most models 
- Receptacles with four contact points per blade 
- Spring Clamp sockets available

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