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Switching and pilot devices

From miniature pilot liights and switches that mount into 8mm panel cut outs through full size industrial switches that mount into 33mm cutouts, we have a switch or indicator for almost any application. Terminations include solder / quick connect terminals, screw terminals, or PC board pins for direct board mounting. Miniature models use snap action gold plated contacts for superior low level switching, whereas larger models use slow-make, double break contacts for switching heavier loads, up to 10A. Many models offer the flexibility of modular construction, which allows you to change contacts, lamp voltages or button colors easily.  

  • Ø8, Ø10, Ø12, Ø16 A series 
  • Ø8, Ø10, Ø12, Ø16 AP series
  • Ø16 L6 series
  • Ø16 H6 series
  • Ø22 TW series
  • Ø22 YW series
  • Ø22 YW metal bezel series
  • Ø22 YW unibody series
  • Ø22 HW dual pushbuttons series
  • Ø25 TWS series
  • Ø30 N series
  • Ø30 XN series
  • 66mm HW series jumbo dome pilot lights
  • MC series
  • LW flush silhouette series 


Tower Signal Lights

Immediate indication of process status is a must in any pplication. Realize this goal with tower signal light that offers 360 degree visibility from any direction provides for a more detailed indication. Either LED or incandescent lamp illumination is available and we offer a variety of configurations.

LD6A series
LD6A SignaLights utilize the latest LED technology to provide a bright solution for supervising workstations or indicating the status of a process. These light towers were specifically created with a modern design and unique lens shape, which diffuses light to provide sharper illumination and increased visibility.

LT7 series - 70mm
LT7 series signal towers combine innovative LED technology with a five-color modular-style assembly. Stackable and interchangeable modules make it easy to make changes and modify combinations even after it's installed on your machine. The simple design uses only nine modular components complete with alarm functions. And a new Lemon-Yellow color now gives you even more colors to choose from!

IDEC has also introduced several new product additions to its LT7 SignalLight series. The most exciting of these is a new strobe LED-lens module, which works with the 24V DC base units and pulses 77 times per minute! The strobe LED has a long life expectancy; provides added flexibility with five colors to choose from; and saves money compared with traditional xenon strobe modules.

Depending on specific requirements, the LT7 is available in 24 VDC or 90~250VAC steady and flashing models. The ultra-bright LEDs, IP65 protection and lead-free solder construction meet the most stringent operation safety and environment requirements, as well as global approvals.

The LT7 series is the best signaling solution in the industry today, bringing added value to your machines, systems and applications.

LT1 series - 56mm
Vertical mounting light towers with LED or incandescent illumination up to 5 tiers. IDEC's SignaLight light towers offer a cost-competitve solution to your light tower demands. Available from 1 to 5 tiers with either LED or incandescent lamps, they feature easy-to-replace lamps and an unique, built-in, rubber virbation-damper. Models are available with a steady (non-flashing) function or with a built-in flashing circuit that allows any combination of flashing and non-flashing tiers. Ideal for such applications as automated assembly and packaging machines, conveyor systems, and CNC machinery. SignaLights provide a clear and obvious indicator of machine status from anywhere on a factory or office floor.

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Annunciator Panels

Immediate indication of process status is a must in any application. Realize this goal with the SLC series panel mounted pilot light arrays which provide for a more detailed local indication. Either LED or incandescent lamp illumination is available and we offer a variety of configurations.

SLC 30
Panel mounting pilot light and pushbutton arrays based on a 30mm square building block, configurable up to 200 windows with LED or incandescent illumination.

IDEC's SLC30 series offers an alternative to mounting multiple pilot loghts and pushbittons into discrete cutouts. Based on a 30mm square building block, SLC30's are configurable up to 200 windows. By inlcuding optional switch units within the matrix, many panel designs can be implemented with only one panel cutout, resulting in cost savings and a clearer panel. A variety of windows sizez are available and can be mixed in a single unit. Lamps are available in either Incandescent or LED, and can be full voltage (6V, 12V, or 24 V AC/DC) or incorporate a transformer (120V or 240V AC). All terminations are via screw terminals and standad jumper bars help simplify wiring.

SLC 40
The SLC40 series offers an alternative to mounting multiple pilot lights into discrete cutouts. Based on a 40mm square building block, units can be built up to 105 windows. Featuring oversize windows, tilt down lens frames to enhance visibility from below, and multiple window sizes that can be mounted collectively, the SLC40 series can offer a solution for almost any panel indicating requirement. By integrating multiple pilot lights into one device, cost savings can be realized in panel layout and design time. Lamps are available in LED or incandescent bulbs, and can be full voltage (6V, 12V, 24v AC/DC) or incoporate a transformer (120V or 240V). All terminations are via screw terminals and standard jumpers help simplify wiring. 

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Designed with attention to every detail, IDEC relays are manufactured to ensure precision and quality. Correlating sockets include multiple features for ease-of-use and can be DIN rail, panel or PCB mounted. Each socket is designed to work with IDEC timers and relays, but will work equally well with any fitting component.

General purpose relay

RJ series
Slim plug in relay ideal for space saving or PLC interfacing applications. 12A (16A) or 8A contacts in SPDT or DPDT formats.

RU series
Robotic assembled, compact plug in relays with 6A or 10A contacts, in DPDT or 4PDT. Bifurcated contacts for less than 20mA switching available.

RR series
Traditional power relays with 10A silver contacts, octal pin or blade type, in SPDT, DPDT, or 3PDT

RH series
Compact 10A ice-cube plug in relays, SPDT, DPDT, 3PDT or 4PDT, blade or PCB type. DPDT model UL rated for 500K life cycles.

RY/RM series
Compact plug in blade or PCB relay with 3A or 5A gold contacts. Bifurcated contacts for less than 20mA switching available. 

Latching relay
RR2KP series
10A, 11-pin octal base permanent magnet, dual coil latching relay.

RH2L series
10A magnetic latching relays with blade and PCB terminations.

RY2KS series
5A minature ice cube permanent magnet, dual coil latching relay.

Din rail & surface mount sockets
Din rail & surface mount sockets
Snap mount, screw terminal sockets, and new spring clamp, the "Industry Standard" for a variety of pulg-in relays and timers. Fingersafe models available.

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IDEC offers several varieties of multi-range and multi-function timers, with many different models in each series. Choose the right timer based on your timing function, time range, contact configuration and socket needs. The On-Delay GE1A timer offers ranges up to 10 hours, and so do the multifunction RTE timers, while the GT3A offer ranges up to 180 hours. All timers have corresponding IDEC sockets to make the most efficient connection. For more information about which products will work best with the timer you choose, contact D'Mark sales team.

RTE series
simple and flexible multi-mode/ multi-range timers with 10A contacts.

GT3 series
Multi-mode and multi-range timers with 5A contacts, multi-function, digital set and other speciality timers available.

GT5 series
Miniature ON Delay timers with up to four poles and delays up to 60 minutes.

GE1A series
Standard 45 DIN panel mount ON Delay timer. Time ranges up to 10 hours. Great OEM product. 

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