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Emergency Stop Switches

  • Ø16 XA (Pushlock pull / turn reset)
  • Ø16 H6 (Pushlock turn reset)
  • Ø22 XW (Pushlock pull / turn reset)
  • Ø22 HW Unibody (Pushlock turn reset, unibody)
  • Ø22 HW (Pushlock turn reset, separate contact block type)
  • Ø22 HW Unibody (Pushlock key reset)
  • Ø22 HW Unibody (Pushlock pull reset)
  • Ø22 YW Unibody (Pushlock pull/turn reset) 
  • Ø30 XN Unibody (Pushlock pull/turn reset, plastic bezel type and flush bezel type) 
  • Ø30 XN Unibody (Pushlock turn reset, padlockable type) 
  • Ø30 HN Unibody (Pushlock turn reset)  


SEMI EMO Switches

  • Ø16 XA / Ø22 XW (Pushlock pull / turn reset)
  • Ø22 HW (Pushlock turn reset, separate contact block type)
  • Switch Guard for XA, XW and HW


Emergency Stop Control Boxes

  • FB
  • Ø22 HW


AS-Interface Safety

  • Ø22 XW1E
  • Ø22 XA1E
  • FB1W


Safety Interlock Switches

Idec has safety door interlock switches to fill any of your machine safe guarding needs. Our full line of safety door interlocks include a wide range of switch types (solenoid lockm solenoid unlock or non-locking) and sizes to fill any application requirement. From rugged models rated up to 2,000N of retention force or a compact unit with 100N rating, all switches carry worldwide approvals and full line of accessories to make your new design and installation a quick and easy process.

Non-Locking safety switches
This safety switch serves as an interlock that enables the machine to start only when the guard is closed. Once the guard is opened, the machines stops or cannot be started. The safety switch is suitable for applications in limited mounting space. 

  • HS6B series
  • HS5B series
  • HS2B series
  • HS1B series

Locking safety switches (with Solenoids)
This safety switch serves as an interlock that enables the machine to start only when the guard is closed and locked. The guard us unlocked by the solenoid.

  • HS6E series
  • HS5E series
  • HS2E series
  • HS1E series

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