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The New MicroSmart PLC Family

The Power to Control. Anywhere. Anytime

Power, Performance, Connectivity

With these MicroSmart PLC from IDEC, it is able to maximize the efficiency and also cut the development time of your projects. The MicroSmart PLCs combine the advanced networking capabilities with unparalleled power, performance and connectivity which designed to meet all your comunication requirements and limitation. Besides, MicroSmart Pentra PLCs series gives you the flexibility to expand your systems up to fifteen modules. One the other hand, the new Embedded Ethernet PLC with build-in Modbus TCP also lets you monitor status in real-time, receive email alerts and also customize your own web page.




The MicroSmart Pentra PLC Family: Everything you need in a controller

  • Embedded Ethernet Port
  • ModbusTCP, RTU and ASCII
  • Seven communication ports
  • User web page
  • Email and text notifications
  • USB programming port
  • NEW Advanced PID modules
  • NEW 4-pt. analog output module
Micro PLCs  

Smart AXIS FT1A Controller

IDEC FT1A SmartAXIS controllers were designed with a focus to provide user with unique features and advance functions for application that required limited I/O. FT1A SmartAXIS controllers are available in 12, 24, 40, 48 I/O CPUs and 3.8" HMI+PLC 65K color TFT resistive or monochrome touchscreen.

  Touch, Pro, Lite models for flexible use in almost all application  
Key Features
  • Digital/analog-compatible input available for 24V DC Convenient for systems requiring minimal analog inputs
  • 10A output relays connect directly to small motors and solenoid valves
  • Supports communication via RS232C, RS485, and Ethernet
  • USB programming port
  • User's programming can be cghanged with the memory cartridge (Pro/Lite) or USB memory (Touch)
  Touch (Display model)
  • By integrating the control function (same functionality as Lite 12-I/O type) with small display, a connected device is not needed. Wire and space-saving features offer the ideal solution for cost- and time-saving
  • Touch is an advanced small display with integrated control function
  • 400cd/m2 high-contrast and 65,536 color high-resolution TFT LCD provides unparalleld visibility
  • Adjustable LED brightness function
  • Monochrome STn models are equipped with a 740cd/m2 brightness LCD and backlit with a choice of 3 color (pink, red, white), providing practically the same brightness as the color LCD models
  • Program both the Pro and Lite models using WindLDR and the Touch model using WindO/I-NV3. Our intuitive programming software that is easy even for the first-time users
  Pro (LCD Model/Lite (No LCD Model))
  • Parameters such as counters and timers can be adjusted using the LCD and six operations buttons (also available on Touch)
  • Monitor screens on LCD show system status and settings
    "I/O status monitor" screen for monitoring I/O status
    "Device monitor" screen for monitoring I/O status
    "Ladder Monitor" screen: also useful for confirming protection status and scan time
    The states of four operation buttons can be used as digital inputs in the user programs
  • Supports positioning control with a single-phase (100kHz)/ 4 point or a single-phase (100kHz)/ two-phase (50kHz)/ 2 point high-speed counter input and 100kHz/ 2 point pulse output. The new ARAMP instruction and enables you to program complex positioning systems easily
  • Integrated data logging function using an SD memory card. Logged data is useful for system maintenance mangement. (Touch: available using USB memory)
  • Lite (No LCD) is available, offering more options for product selection

MicroSmart Pentra FC5A

The MicroSmart Pentra FC5A is the industry's fastest micro programmable logic controller (PLC). Residing within the MicroSmart Pentra is a Logic Engine that provides speed, power, performance and precision for your control system.

Key Features
  • Fast processing speed
  • Support 32-bit data processing
  • IEEE standard Floating Pt. Math
  • Built-in Modbus Master & Slave
  • Field Upgradable Firmware
  • Up to 512 I/Os
  • Configure up to 56 Analog I/Os
  • Max of 7 Communication Ports
  • Embedded 100kHz HSC & Pulse Outputs
  • Online Edit and Simulation Mode
  Highlights of MicroSmart Controllers
  1. Global Standards
    All MicroSmart controllers have regulatory agency certifications for the worldwide market including: cULus Listed for Class I Division 2 hazardous locations, CE compliant, and certified for marine use by Lloyd's Registry.
  2. Compatibility
    For added convenience, the same expansion I/O modules and accessories can be used on both MicroSmart and MicroSmart Pentra controllers. In fact, both controllers also share the same architecture, instruction set and programming software. The use of a single platform for all IDEC PLCs means you won't have to reprogram or learn a new system to alternate from one to another.
  3. Simple Programming
    Relax. Programming doesn't need to be hard or take a lot of your time. With IDEC WindLDR software, you can configure, modify and monitor your MicroSmart programs with ease. This powerful and intuitive software makes it simple to get your system up and running. Now supporting Online Editing and Simulation mode. If it still troubles you, we also provide customized programming solution to you. Our experienced application team is just one call away.
  4. Compact and Modular Design
    Every CPU module comes equipped with embedded I/O points or you can conveniently add additional snap-on expansion modules for up to 512 I/Os based on your system requirements. All IDEC PLC controllers are DIN-rail and panel mountable.
  5. Customizable Structure
    Feel the freedom. The ability to customize for the functions you need allows you to create the perfect system for your applications. Add an HMI module, a Real Time clock module or even an optional EEPROM module.

MicroSmart Pentra FC4A

MicroSmart CPUs are available with built-in 10, 16, and 24 I/O All-In-One units, and 20, 40 I/O slim style models. Each MicroSmart module meets IDEC strict quality standards and complies with all major international standards; cULus, CE, TUV, and Lloyds. Each CPU is equipped with a standard power supply circuit, four high-speed counters, analog potentiometer, and password protection.

The slim type and the 24 I/O All-In-One CPU can be expanded with the many choices of expansion modules. There are 20 modules available including four analog I/O modules, an AS-interface master communication module, and our most recent addition to the MicroSmart family, the 8-pt AC input module. In addition, 24V DC All-In-One CPUs are now available. Depending upon the CPU, you can create a system with up to 264 I/Os.

Each MicroSmart module can be enhanced with a memory cartridge for easy maintenance, a real-time clock and calendar cartridge for real-time applications, and an RS-485/RS-232 communications adapter. These adapters allow the MicroSmart CPU to data link to the MicroSmart or othe IDEC PLCs, connect to operator interfaces, printers, barcode readers, or other RS-232 devices such as modems for remote communication.

Key Features
  • Available in Slim or All-In-One styles
  • CPU units are equipped with 10, 16, 20, 24, or 40 I/Os
  • Maximum of 264 I/Os can be configured on a single MicroSmart CPU
  • Your choice of many expansion modules: AC/DC inputs, relay/transistor outputs, RTD/Thermocouple and Analog I/Os, and AS-interface Master communication module
  • Standard RS232 port, optional plug-in RS485/RS-232 port for data link or modem communications
  • Optional plug-in HMI module for monitoring, memory catridge, and real-time clock and calendar catridge
  • Built-in Modbus-CRC, PID and Ramp functions
  • 4 built-in high speed counters, interrupt and catch inputs, and password protection
  • Data link for up to 32 MicroSmart or other IDEC PLCs
  • cULus, CE, TUV and Lloyds approved
  • Approved for Class I Div 2 Hazardous area
  • Easy programming using IDEC exclusive WindLDR software
  • New web server module for faster, easier ethernet connectivity

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