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Programmable Logic Controllers

IDEC brought some of the first micro-PLCs to the market, and has been meeting your changing control automation needs for decades. 
Our controllers meet the highest standards for safety, flexibility and value. Whether it is system flexibility, space saving, ease of maintenance 
or powerful programming features, IDEC's programmable logic controllers along with exceptional product support will exceed your expectations.

  • Microsmart Pentra FC5A
  • Microsmart FC4A
  • Application Examples
  • System Setup Examples

Operator Interface

IDEC's operator interface products offer a perfect solution for your display needs. Bright LCD touch screens deliver crisp images, 
with powerful configuration tools that allow you to easily create a user-friendly and powerful system, enhancing your "Human Machine Interaction."

  • 12.1 HG4G (NEW)
    Compact housing with a versatile interface. High performance operator interface with multimedia functions
  • 8.4" and 10.4" HG3G (NEW)
    This high performance HG3G Series offer powerful features, functionalities and wide range of connectivity
  • 5.7" HG2G (NEW)
    There are four available modeals, with a monochrome or 256-color screen, each in a compact and lightweight housing with the same greatt features
  • 4.6" HG1F
    Control goes beyond on and off, stop and go. It's about knowledge, response and making the right decisions
  • 10.4" HG3F
    The HG3F is a 256 color touchscreen with TFT LCD screen and replaceable backlights
  • 12.1" HG4F
    The HG4F is a 256 color touchscreen with TFT LCD screen and replaceable backlights
  • HG1X Series with 2, 4, and 8 Line Displays
    There are four models available on 2 and 4 line character displays 

Automation Software

We believe in reducing your design costs by providing state-of-the art configuration tools. 
Our automation software is developed to meet that challenge 
and engineers at IDEC strive to provide you with the best in the marketplace. 
We encourage you to use our DEMO versions of software and give us your feedback in order to serve you better in the future.

  • Automation Organizer
    Check out our latest software suite. Automation Organizer combined our most intuituve WindLDR, and WindO/I-NV2 software with the new configuration tool, WindCFG
  • WindLDR
    Our most intuitive ladder programming software designed to programm all IDEC PLCs
  • WindO/I-NV2
    Programming software for all IDEC OI Touch Screen from the 4.6" HG1F to 12.1" HG4F 

Power Supply

IDEC switching power supplies are the highest quality on the market and offer the ultimate in performance and reliability. 
Slim line, standard or metal frame models are available with worldwide approvals, universal input voltage, fused inputs and overload protection.

  • PS5R Slim
    30W, 60W, 90W and now 120W and 240W models are available in a slimmer footprint than traditional power supplies. UL508 listed and approved for Class 1 Div 2 hazardous locations. The new 120W and 240W also comply with SEMI F47 sag immunity requirements
  • PS5R Standard
    UL508 listed switching power supplies with worldwide apparovals and convenient mounting with output capacities up to 240W
  • PS3L Metal Frame
    Traditional metal-frame power supplies with worldwide approvals and output capacities up to 300w with 5, 12, 24 VDC versions
  • PS3X Switching Power Supplies (NEW)
    Universal AC input voltage with output capacities of 15W, 25W, 50W, 75W or 100W and output voltage of 5V, 12V or 24V
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