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SJ700 series

SJ700 series - High performance with Many useful Functions and, yet User Friendly

  • 0.4kW-55kW, 3-phase 200V
  • 0.75kW-400kW, 3-phase 400V 

High starting Torque,Powerful Driveand easy set up

  • High Starting Torque 200% at 0.3Hz
  • Hitachi exclusive 0Hz Domain sensorless vector control
  • High accuracy & improved Auto-tuning function
  • Full Vector Control with Feedback option (Torque Control, Position Control)

Many useful Functions

  • Over current & voltage suppress function
  • Built-in PLC-like Programming function
  • EMI Filter will be built-in (Category C3 up to 132kW)
  • Internal Braking Circuit will be built-in up to 22kW
  • Emergency Stop Function
  • DC Bus AVR Function During Deceleration
  • Using optional SRW operator, SJ300 parameters can be transferred easily to SJ700

Long lifetime components & Ease of Maintenance

  • Long life components for improved maintainability
  • Easily replaceable cooling fans and bus capacitors speed field maintenance
  • Common wiring terminals with previous model series simplifies replacement wiring

Easy Operation

  • Data comparison function shows only parameters changed from factory default
  • Ability to define 12 user-selectable parameters for display
  • Basic mode shows only most commonly used parameters. Environmental Friendliness
  • Micro Surge Voltage suppress function (Patent registered)
  • EU RoHS compliant by restricting to use hazardous substances (except solder in power module)
  • Varnish coating of internal PC board & plating of main circuit copper bus bar as standard

Global standards

  • Conformity to global standards.CE, UL, c-UL, C-Tick approvals
    Global Performance 
  • RS-485 communication port with Modbus® RTU protocol is available as standard for all models
  • Compatibility with networks such as DeviceNetTM and PROFIBUS®, with communication options
  • Logic input & output terminals are selectable for sink & source logic
  • Wide Input power voltage range
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