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Proximity Sensors




DC 2-Wire Cylindrical Long-Distance No-Polarity Proximity Sensors (FL7M Series)
Rigid structure reduces damage from collision with workpiece


DC 2-Wire Regular Cylindrical Proximity Sensors (FL7M Series)
Rigid structure, highly waterproof DC 2-wire sensors with improved visibility of indicator


DC 2-Wire Spatter-Guarded Cylindrical Proximity Sensors (FL7M Series)
A variety of anti-spatter measures make these sensors the optimum for welding processes on the automotive production line 


Stainless Steel Sensing Face Proximity Sensor (FL7S Series)
The FL7S is a proximity sensor having a stainless steel sensing face and housing, and is specially designed for welding applications on the automobile manufacturing line


DC 2-Wire Aluminum-Chip Resistant Cylindrical Proximity Sensors (FL7M-A Series)
Detects workpieces reliably even if aluminum or cast iron chips accumulate on the sensing head


DC 2-Wire Unshielded Cylindrical Proximity Sensors (FL7M Series)
Unshielded sensors achieve especially long sensing distances


AC/DC 2-wire Type Cylindrical Proximity Sensors (FL7M Series)
No-polarity 2-wire general-purpose sensors are easy to use


DC 3-Wire Cylindrical Proximity Sensors (FL7M Series)
Extensive lineup includes M8 to M30 sizes, with NPN and PNP output models available for each 



Amplifier-Contained Compact Cylindrical Proximity Sensors (FL7 (M/N) Series)
Amplifier-contained but compact


Amplifier-Relayed Compact Proximity Sensors (APT Series)
Very compact amplifier is almost the same size as the cable


Amplifier-Contained Compact Proximity Sensors (APM Series)
Compact proximity sensors can be installed anywhere. Locking boss esures easy mounting 



DC 2-wire Thin Proximity Sensors (FL2F Series)
This DC 2-wire type compact proximity sensor takes up little mounting space and can be directly connected to programmable controllers and N.C. units 



DC 2-wire Square Proximity Sensors (FL2R/S Series)
This DC 2-wire square proximity sensor can be directly connected to programmable controllers and N.C. units. Wide range of models available


DC 3-wire Square Proximity Sensors (FL2 Series)
Relays and solenoids can be switched directly. (Maximum switching current: 200mA)


Vehicle-Mounted Square Proximity Sensors (FL2R-V Series)
Proximity sensor for vehicle mounting with high surge resistance

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