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Photoelectric Sensors

Fiber optics

  Fiber Units (HPF Series)
Wide range of models for various applications and environments
  Digital Fiber-Optic Sensors (HPX-AG Series)
Easy operation and high performance for a variety of applications
  General-Use Potentiometer Tuning (HPX Series)
High Sensitivity over a Long Scanning distance of 800mm (Thru Scan Model), Easy-to-Use Functions/Structure, and High Reliability
  Analog Output (HPX-MA Series)
The HPX-MA Series features analog output and high-resolution detection, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications

Wet Processes & Fiber Units

  Pipe-Mounted Fiber Units Liquid-Level Sensors (HPF-T032/HPF-T034)
Fail-safe detection uses 2 different sensing methods for detection of upper and lower limits of tank liquid level
  Pipe-Mounted Liquid-Level Sensors with Self-Contained Amplifier (HPQ-T Series)
Liquid is easily detected using a pipe-mounted sensor
  Tank-Level Fiber Units (HPF-D027/HPF-D033)
All-resin structure ensures no metal contamination
  Liquid Leak Detectors with Self-Contained Amplifier (HPQ-D Series)
Built-in amplifier, liquid absorbing paper not needed, usable with various liquids
  Liquid Leak Detectors Fiber Units (HPF-D040)
Inherently safe product body and cable are protected by PFA saves space
  Chemical-Proof Fiber Units (HPF-T029/HPF-T035/HPF-D014)
Inherently safe product PFA protection cable 

Special Applications

  Photoelectric Sensors Customized for Problem Solution (HP300 Series)
Customized to solve difficult application problems


  General-Purpose Photoelectric Sensors with Self-Contained Amplifier (HP100 Series)
The convenience of industry standards, plus reliability
  Photoelectric Sensors for Harsh Environments (HP800 Series)
Designed for harsh environments 
  Ultraminiature Photoelectric Sensors with Self-contained Amplifier (HPJ Series)
Fingertip-size, Provided with a various slit attachements. (6 types) 
  Switching Output Laser Sensors (HLA Series) 
High-accuracy detection of very small targets using the direct reflection method 
  Convergent Laser Measurement Sensor (HLB Series) 
Very small or thin parts can be detected by differences in distance, unaffected by color or reflection rate of the target object 
  Background Suppression Sensors (FHDK10 Series) 
The FHDK10 Series can detect the minute differential difference of very small and thin objects, with no effect of the object's color or reflection
  Vane Type Photoelectric Sensors with Self-contained Amplifier (HPV Series)
Sensors with 2 optical axes in an easy-to-use size (vane width 25mm, depth 35mm) save space and reduce wiring 
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