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Limit Switches

Limit Switches with Positive Opening Mechanism


Limit Switches with Positive Opening Mechanism (LJA Series)
Snap action limit switches with positive opening mechanism enables general industrial machines to comply with EC directives and to acquire CE marking.


Compact Die-Cast Limit Switches with Positive Opening Mechanism (LJM-D Series)
EN, UL/CSA compliant. RoHS conformed


Compact Plastic Limit Switches with Positive Opening Mechanism (LJK-N Series) 
Wide actuator lineup 

General Purpose Limit Switches


General Purpose Compact Limit Switches (LS Series)
General purpose limit switches with robust contruction in an extensive range of models, for use in a wide range of applications.


Spatter-Guarded Limit Switches (LS Series)
Effective countermeasures against the adhesion of spatter. Setting position indication facilitates initial setup. Indicator lamp is easily visible from a distance. UL/CSA-approved.


Ultra Long Life, General-Purpose Compact Limit Switches (1LS-J700 Series)
With on-site mechanical life 3 times that of conventional models, improved reliability drastically reduces minor line interruptions.


Outdoor Limit Switches (1LS-J800 Series)
A highly durable switch that withstands heat from direct sunlight and extreme air temperatire changes in outdoor applications.


All Stainless Steel Limit Switches (1LS-J400 Series)
Continuous use under water or in other harsh environments or corrosive gas atmosphere is possible.


Miniature Pre-Leaded Vertical Enclosed Switches (14CE Series)
Mniature enclosed switches with outstanding harsh environment resistance, ideal for compact machinery and equipment.


Waterproof Vertical Type Limit Switches (VCL Series)
2 sets of SPDT built-in switches enable use as a 2-point detection switch or multi-circuit control switch.


Compact Horizontal Limit Switches (SL1 Series)
Mechanical life of 20 million operations. Robust long-life and maintenance-free compact horizontal-type switches with IP67 seal.


Outdoor Use Compact Limit Switches (LSP Series)
Optimum for outdoor use, as in automated parking facilities


Compact Horizontal General-Purpose Limit Switches (LCB Series)
Dust/oil-proof general purpose limit switches with engineering plastic body


EN/IEC-Compliant Multiple-Plunger Limit Switches (LDVS Series)
Multiple-plunger limit switches compatible with EC directives for general industrial machinery and EN/IEC standards vital for acquiring CE marking. 

Explosion-Proof Switches   


Explosion-Proof Limit Switch (LX7000 Series)
Vertical, compact gas/steam explosion-proof and pressure-resistant limit switches for outdoor use.


2-Point Detection Explosion-Proof Switches (VCX7000 Series)
Vertical, 2-point detection explosion-proof limit switches for outdoor use. 

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