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SS 555 + IEC 62305:2013 SER Lightning Protection Updates Seminar 2016

The SS 555 + IEC 62305:2013 SER Lightning Protection Updates Seminar is proudly brought to you by D’Mark Technologies (S) Pte Ltd and Phoenix Contact Singapore. The event took place in PARKROYAL on Beach Road from 28 Jun – 30 Jun 2016.

The speaker is Prof Liew Ah Choy who received BE (First Class Honours) and PhD degrees from University of Queensland, Australia in 1969 and 1972. Currently he is the Professor in Electrical & Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore and the Director and CEO of EquiVolt M Pte Ltd, a consultancy company specializing in providing design and solutions to lightning protection and electrical engineering problems.

This program aims to provide the participants with insight updates to the SS 555 Lightning Protection Standard, a clear understanding of the effects of lightning and what can or cannot be done to alleviate its effects. The various methods available for lightning protection of building structures will be described and some case study examples will be presented to illustrate their effectiveness or otherwise.

The program will be illustrated with examples of lightning problems encountered in this region and how they were solved. Some of these include telecommunication stations, condominium complexes, petrochemical complexes and premises housing sensitive electronic equipment. A very attractive, beneficial and most useful feature of this program is a session for general discussion of lightning related problems brought up and sought from participants. In many cases, satisfactory solutions and effective advice can be obtained for the participants’ problems.

The following topics are covered during the seminar:

1.       Introduction to Lightning & Surges

2.       Lightning Protection System

3.       SS 555: Singapore Lightning Protection Code of Practice

4.       SS 555:2010 + IEC 62305:2013 SER updates

5.       Analytical Methods for Assessment of Performance of Lightning Protection Systems

6.       Earthing

7.       Lightning & Surge Protection in Power Distribution

8.       Harmonization of IEC/EN 61643-11 Standard for Low-voltage Surge Protection Devices

9.       Impact of Line-fellow current in Surge Protection Devices

10.   Lightning & Surge Protection for Measurement & Control Signals

D’Mark Technologies (S) Pte Ltd would like to thanks all of the participants for their time for making the event overall a great success and memorable. D’Mark Technologies (S) Pte Ltd hopes you had a grateful learning experience with us within these three days.

Light Protection Seminar 2016
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