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Connectors and Electronic Housings for your devices

Connectors and Electronic Housings for your devices

As a leading manufacturer of connectors and electronics housings, we are always working to find new solutions for the growing requirements of your industrial and infrastructure applications.

We offer a comprehensive range of connection technology for transmitting signals, data, and power.

Discover our wide range of new products in the following areas:

§  PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors

§  Connectors for field devices

§  Electronics housing

Electronics housings

ics series modular electronics housings
ICS Series Modular Electronics Housings
pcb headers for ics housings
PCB Headers for ICS Housings
blockbelts for me-io series housings
Blockbelts for ME-lO Series Housings
reflow-solderable headers for me-io housings
Reflow-solderable Headers for ME-lO Housings
mounting accessories for ucs series universal housings
Mounting Accessories for UCS Series Universal Housings
universal electronics housings for raspberry pi
Universal Electronics Housings for Raspberry Pi
robust ecs series outdoor housings
Robust ECS Series Outdoor Housings
display accessories for ecs series outdoor housings
Display Accessories for ECS Series Outdoor Housings
robust ecs series outdoor housings small design
Robust ECS Series Outdoor Housings (Small Design)
optional mounting accessories for outdoor housings ecs series
Optimal Mounting Accessories for Outdoor Housings (ECS Series)
industry-capable displays
Industry-capable Displays
perfect-fit membrane keypads
Perfect-fit Membrane Keypads
swivel arms for dcs series display carriers
Swivel Arms for DCS Series Display Carriers
 connection technology for me and me-max
Connection Technology for ME and ME-MAX

PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors

board-to-board connectors with 0.8 mm pitch
Board-to-board Connectors with 0.8mm Pitch
board-to-board connectors with 1.27 mm pitch
Board-to-board Connectors with 1.27mm Pitch
compact pcb connectors
Compact PCB Connectors
inverted pcb connectors
Inverted PCB Connectors
single-row pcb connectors
Single-row PCB Connectors
double-row pcb connectors
Double-row PCB Connectors
angled thr pcb terminal blocks
Angled THR PCB Terminal Blocks
pcb connectors with 7.62 mm pitch
PCB Connectors with 7.62mm Pitch
identically shaped pcb terminal blocks screw
Identically Shaped PCB Terminal Blocks (Screw)
identically shaped pcb terminal blocks push-in
Identically Shaped PCB Terminal Blocks (Push-in)
lever-actuated pcb connectors
Lever-actuated PCB Connectors
touch-proof headers
Touch-proof Headers

High-current feed-through terminal blocks

high-current feed-through terminal blocks
High-current feed-through Terminal Blocks

Circular connectors

m17-m40 pro series circular connectors
M17-M40 PRO Series Circular Connectors
m12 device connectors
M12 Device Connectors
 m12 connectors for assembly
M12 Connectors for Assembly
pre-assembled m12 device connectors
Pre-assembled M12 Device Connectors
l-coded m12 device connectors
L-coded M12 Device Connectors
 prc series inverted circular connectors
PRC Series Inverted Circular Connectors
 prc series angled circular connectors
PRC Series Angled Circular Connectors
 panel feed-throughs with push-in connection
Panel Feed-throughs with Push-in Connection

Data connectors

compact din rail adapters
Compact DIN Rail Adapters
d-coded m8 device connectors
D-coded M8 Device Connectors
assembled m8 data cables with d-coding
Assembled M8 Data Cables with D-coding
 modular 19-inch marshalling panels
Modular 19-inch Marshalling Panels
compact splice boxes
Compact Splice Boxes

Photovoltaic connectors
dc distributors for photovoltaic systems
DC Distributors for Photovoltaic Systems
sunclix connectors with crimp connection
SUMCLIX Connectors with Crimp Connection

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