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Innovations in Connection & Automation Technology

Connectors and Automation Technology for your devices

As a leading manufacturer of connection technology and automation components, we are always working to turn the growing demands of your applications and markets into new innovations.

Our products are a part of the nervous system of your industrial systems and enable you to increase the efficiency, availability, and safety of your systems.

Find out about our wide range of new products in the fields of connection technology, automation components, surge protection, marking, and tools.

Discover the advantages of our new products for yourself from the following areas:

§  Terminal blocks, industrial connectors, and sensor/actuator cabling

§  Marking systems, tools, and mounting material

§  Surge protection and power supplies

§  Interface technology and switching devices

§  Control technology, I/O systems, and automation infrastructure

Terminal blocks

terminal blocks
Terminal Blocks with Push-in Connection 
distribution blocks with push-in connection
Distribution Blocks with Push-in Connection
pluggable terminal blocks with push-in connection
Pluggable Terminal Blocks with Push-in Connection 
sensor actuator terminal blocks with push-in connection
Sensor/Actuator Terminal Blocks with Push-in Connection
disconnect terminal blocks with push-in connection
Disconnect Terminal Blocks with Push-in Connection
high-current terminal blocks with power-turn connection
High-Current Terminal Blocks with Power-Turn Connection
 fuse terminal blocks with push-in connection
Fuse Terminal Blocks with Push-in Connection 
 compact plug-in test system
Compact Plug-in Test System 
 plug-in test system for 19 module carriers
Plug-in Test System for 19" Module Carriers 
 connector housings for crimped contacts
Connector Housings for Crimped Contacts 
 universal terminal blocks for aluminium conductors
Universal Terminal Blocks for Aluminium Conductors

Sensor/actuator cabling

assembled m8 cables with d-coding
Assembled M8 Cables with D-coding
d-coded m8 device connectors
D-coded M8 Device Connectors 
assembled m12 data cables
Assembled M12 Date Cables


m12 power connectors for assembly
M12 POWER Connectors for Assembly
panel feed-throughs with push-in connection
Panel Feed-throughs with Push-in Connection
connectors for assembly
Connectors for Assembly
modular contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors
Modular Contact Inserts for Heavy-duty connectors
 contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors
Contact Inserts for Heavy-duty Connectors
 contact inserts for compact heavy-duty connectors
Contact Inserts for Compact Heavy-duty Connectors
 compact heavy-duty connector housings
Compact Heavy-duty Connector Housings
 heavy-duty connectors with more wiring space
Heavy-duty Connectors with mopre Wiring Space
 rj45 contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors
RJ45 Contact Inserts for Heavy-duty Connectors
 prc series inverted circular connectors
PRC Series Inverted Circular Connectors
 prc series angled circular connectors
PRC Series Angled Circular Connectors 

Marking and labelling

compact card printer for industry
Compact Card Printer for Industry
 versatile efficient roll printers
Versatile, Efficient Roll Printers
oval marking sleeve in roll format
Oval Marking Sleeve in Roll Format
markings for siemens marker carriers
Markings for SIEMENS Marker Carriers
 white plastic markers for laser marking
White Plastic Markers for Laser Marking
 stainless steel markers for laser marking
Stainless Steel Markers for Laser Marking
 labels for the food industry
Labels for the Food Industry
 labels with protective laminate
Labels with Protective Laminate
 self-adhesive warning and hazard labels
Self-adhensive Warning and Hazard Labels

Protective devices

narrow electronic circuit breakers
Narrow Electronic Circuit Breakers
circuit breakers with diagnostics and control options
Circuit Breakers with
Diagnostics and Control Options
one-piece surge protection
One-piece Surge Protection

Surge protection and interference suppression filters

 fuse carriers for selective fuse protection
Fuse Carriers for Selective Fuse Protection
pluggable surge protection
Pluggable Surge Protection
one-piece surge protection
One-piece Surge Protection
surge protection for 3-conductor measurements
Surge Protection for 3-conductor Measurements
surge protection for current loops and analog signals
Surge Protection for Current Loops and Analog Signals
 surge protection for mcr technology
Surge Protection for MCR Technology
intelligent monitoring system
Intelligent Monitoring Systems
 surge protection for 40 mm rails
Surge Protection for 40mm Rails
surge protection for power supplies
Surge Protection for Power Supplies
surge protection in the socket
Surge Protection in the Socket
surge protection for lighting systems
Surge Protection for Lighting Systems
 ideally adapted protection for pv systems
Ideally Adapted Protection for PV Systems
space-saving protection for pv systems
Space-saving Protection for PV Systems
base element for space-saving mounting
Base Element for Space-saving Mounting

Power supplies and UPS

power supply with sfb technology
Power Supply with SFB Technology
dc dc converters with maximum functionality
DC/DC Converters with Maximum Functionality
power supply with atex iecex approval
Power Supply with ATEX/IECEx Approval
active redundancy module
Active Redundancy Module
compact high-performance power supplies
Compact High-performance Power Supplies
power supplies with basic functionality
Power Supplies with Basic Functionality
power supply for the power distribution board
Power Supply for the Power Distribution Board
power supplies with ip67 degree of protection
Power Supplies with lP67 Degree of Protection
dc ups with integrated energy storage
DC UPS with Integrated Energy Storage 

Measurement and control technology

highly compact signal conditioners
Highly Compact Signal Conditioners 
signal conditioners with functional safety
Signal Conditioners with Functional Safety 
ex i signal conditioners with functional safety
Ex i Signal Conditioners with Functional Safety

Electronic switching devices and motor control

modular hybrid motor starters
Modular Hybrid Motor Starters 
 single-phase solid-state contactors
Single-phrase Solid-state Contactors

System cabling for controllers

halogen-free d-sub cables
Halogen-free D-SUB Cables 
 front adapters for simatic et 200sp ha
Front Adapters for SIMATIC ET 200SP HA


 multi-functional energy measuring devices
Multi-functional Energy Measuring Devices
energy meters with mid certification
Energy Meters with MID Certification
current transformers with hybrid connection technology
Current Transformers with
Hybrid Connection Technology
modular rotor blade monitoring
Modular Rotor Blade Monitoring

Functional safety

safe ip67 io box with io-link
Safe lP67 l/0 Box with lO-Link
safety relays with io-link interface
Safety Relays with lO-Link Interface
safe time relay
Safe Time Relay
safety relays for hybrid motor starters
Safety Relays for Hybrid Motor Starters
zero-speed and over-speed safety relays
Zero-speed and Over-speed Safety Relays

Industrial communication technology

ethernet extenders
Ethernet Extenders
serial device servers and gateways
Serial Device Services and Gateways 
nat switch
NAT Switch 
industrial wlan access point
Industrial WLAN Access Point
network management software
Network Management Software
mguard mobile network routers
mGuard Mobile Network Routers
tc mobile io signaling system
TC Mobile l/O Signalling System
wireless solution for data and signals
Wireless Solution for Data and Signals
900 mhz outdoor box for io signals
900MHz outdoor box for l/O Signals

Lighting and signalling

led signal lights
LED Signal Lights 

PLCnext Technology
plcnext store
PLCnext Store

PLCs and I/O systems

safety controller for plcnext technology
Safety Controller for PLCnext Technology
plc expansion for plcnext control
PLC expansion for PLCnext Control
io adapter terminal for plcnext control
l/O Adapter Terminal for PLCnext Control
system control and monitoring
System Control and Monitoring
axioline f io-link master
Axioline F lO-Link Master
stand-alone io-link master
Stand-alone lO-Link Master
axioline e components
Axioline E Components 
axioline e io-link io box
Axioline E lO-Link lO Box
inline io components
Inline l/O Components
io module for pulse width modulation
l/O Module for Pulse Width Modulation
io modules for extreme conditions
l/O Modules for Extreme Conditions 
axioline p modular proxy
Axioline P Modular Proxy

HMIs and industrial PCs

powerful web panels
Powerful Web Panels 
web panels for basic applications
Web Panels for Basic Applications
mobile panel with connection box
Mobile Panel with Connection Box 
 robust ip66 panel pcs
Robust lP66 Panel PCs

Charging technology for electromobility

software suite for charging park management
Software Suite for Charging Park Management
programmable dc charging controller
Programmable DC Charging Controller
ccs type 2 dc charging cables for high power charging
CCS Type 2 DC Charging Cables for High Power Charging
gb t dc charging cables of the second generation
GB/T DC Charging Cables of the Second Generation
type 1 ac charging cables with pse certificate
Type 1 AC Charging Cables with PSE Certificate
 protective covers for type 2 ac socket outlets
Protective Covers for Type 2 AC Socket Outlets

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